Project Description


Rich Waterman will give us an amazing start of the year and speak about questions like:

• What if the next conversation you had was a life changing one?
• What if the next decision you made impacted on thousands of people?
• What if you already were enough? More than enough…
• What if it wasn’t what you had done but it was how you were?
• What could be possible for you in 2016?
• How will you achieve it?
• What if you were the difference…today?

If any of this questions appeal to you that this is the place to be on february first.

Rich Waterman is:”Passionate about supporting and developing a new wave of leaders who lead from the heart, with integrity and with unconditional service.”Rich, a former investment banker, who left to pursue more philanthropic interests, is an entrepreneur with fifteen years experience running his own businesses. He is an international speaker and one of the UK’s leading experts on how to create a successful mindset.

Rich is an NLP Master practitioner and trainer and is also a trainer for Robbins Research International and works with Tony Robbins at his live events globally.

He works primarily with early stage entrepreneurs, coaches and speakers who want to make a difference in not only their own lives but also in the wider community. In 2015 Rich created a movement around this ethos called “Be The Difference Today”.

And we are thrilled to have Rich at Yes Group Sweden on february the first! Welcome to Yes Group and start your year with a great peer group and a world class speaker. Looking forward to see you!

Datum: 1 februari kl. 18.00-21.30
Plats: Finlandshuset, Snickarbacken 4, Stockholm
Pris: 319 kr